Stop it! Warning to illegal fly-posters

A stark warning has been issued to those responsible for illegally fly-posting across the borough.

Sunday, 9th July 2017, 7:15 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:58 am

Wigan Council has led a crackdown on illegal fly-posting in the town in recent weeks, taking down posters and painting over spots which are regularly targeted. Despite this fly-posters promoting up-coming music concerts and nightclub events have reappeared across the town including in the town centre, on Wigan Lane and Darlington Street and Darlington Street East.

Karl Battersby, Wigan Council’s director for economy and environment, said: “Fly-posting is illegal and makes town centre and residential locations an eyesore.

“We have a zero tolerance approach when it comes to fly-posting and we know our residents and businesses support this stance. It is also is a drain on council finances when we are when we are having to save £45m over the next three years.Anyone who is responsible for carrying out fly-posting will face prosecution and we are already taking steps to prosecute those responsible for these latest posters.”

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The council is working with The Old Courts and other music venues in the town to help stamp out fly-posting

The Old Courts managing director David Jenkins said: “We were made aware that some of our external promotional companies have been fly-postering around town.

“We’ve drawn up an agreement with all our promoters which says we have zero tolerance of fly-postering and anyone who fly-posters an event at The Old Courts will have their relationship with our organisation brought to an end. We don’t do it as an organisation so I don’t see why our promoters feel they should.

“We’ve established a few high-profile areas across the town, including the Grand Arcade, the train and bus stations and a few cafes and clubs, which are all very happy to display our posters.. We’re going to make sure there is an educational process for our promoters working with them to make sure they are aware of these places which show posters off to the most effect and keep away from being classed as fly-postering.”