Stroke man back

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News story

A MAN who suffered a stroke in Spain has come home thanks to the generosity of a mysterious donor.

John Fillingham is now in intensive care at Wigan Infirmary after being flown in an air ambulance from Tarronga.

The 51-year-old was holidaying in the North Eastern city of Salou, in Catalonia, with his two daughters, Alisha, 15, and Charley, 10, when he suddenly felt sick and dizzy.

He was rushed to Joan XXIII hospital in Tarronga, where it was confirmed he had suffered a stroke.

Since the incident three weeks ago, his family and friends have been trying to raise £15,000 for the air ambulance to bring him to more family territories.

But following the public appeal, an anonymous benefactor stumped up the cash as an interest free loan.

John’s sister, Ann Fillingham, said: “I waved John off in Spain on Wednesday and he arrived at Wigan Infirmary in the evening.

“An anonymous benefactor gave us an interest-free loan and paid our bills. They asked us not to seek high interest loans but to carry on fund-raising. We are hell bent on getting money together so it can be used to help some-one else.

“We are absolutely grateful as we were desperate to get him away from the Spanish hospital - it is such a relief.

“John’s friends started the fund-raising, and we are so grateful for that too.”

John, a self-employed tiler from Leigh, is still in a critical condition, in a high dependency unit.

Ann, 61, said: “He is better than he was three weeks ago, but he is still very poorly. Now more visitors can see him, which will help his recovery.”

A fun day will be held on July 5 from noon until 6pm and a quiz night will take place on July 12 from 6pm. Both will be held at Higher Folds Labour Club.

To donate, visit the Help Get John Home Facebook page.