Suspected arson at flats


A FIRE at a block of flats is being treated as arson.

Fire crews were called at around 4pm on Saturday to a block of flats on Farr Close in Worsley Mesnes after the front door of one of the ground floor flats was set ablaze.

The male occupant, thought to be in his 20s, was able to escape through his living room window but an elderly woman was trapped on the top floor when firefighters arrived as the stairs were heavily smoke logged.

The crew advised the woman to remain in her flat until the fire had been extinguished and they had cleared the smoke with pressure ventilation and two firefighters entered to guide her to safety.

Crew manager Tony Callaghan said: “The fire is thought to have been started by persons unknown and crime scene and fire investigators have been at the scene.

“Because it was the front door of a flat and there was no back door, the occupant couldn’t get out and ended up climbing out of the living room window.

“There was a woman who was trapped on the top floor but we were able to contact her and advise her to stay there until we had put the fire out and cleared the smoke which didn’t take long.”

The fire caused damage to the front door, left the hallway with smoke damage and had caused the light fightings to melt.

The ground-floor flat has been boarded up and the male occupant has found alternative accommodation.

Around five of the nine flats were occupied at the time but the remaining residents, and four dogs, all escaped or were led to safety and no one was harmed.