Tackling the litter

Jeanette Prescott on Irwell Place, Norley Hall, and the litter which blights the area
Jeanette Prescott on Irwell Place, Norley Hall, and the litter which blights the area

A WIGAN councillor has pledged to tackle the ongoing problem of under-age drinking and litter in her ward.

Pemberton ward Councillor Jeanette Prescott says the number of young people that are drinking alcohol outside and then discarding their empty bottles, blighting the area, is increasing.

The Labour councillor is calling for a mass clean up of land situated between Irwell Place and Thorburn Road but says to reduce the litter, she and the neighbourhood policing team need to get to the root of the problem.

Coun Prescott is calling for the bottle ID scheme to be brought into shops in Pemberton and plans to carry out door to door enquiries with other councillors and the neighbourhood policing team.

Coun Prescott said: “This has been going on for a very long time on land between Irwell Place and Thorburn Road.

“The area is constantly littered with empty alcohol bottles.

“The caretaker of this area always litter-picks but it’s getting too much now, he can’t keep tidying up after people when they don’t care about the mess they are creating.

“We need to do something about it.

“I propose that we introduce the bottle ID scheme, whereby we have alcohol bottles marked with a code so that when they have been dumped, we can scan them and can see where they are being bought from.

“I am also planning to team up with the neighbourhood policing team and speak to all the residents in the area to see if they know if it is their children drinking on the streets or if they know who it is.”

Along with keeping the ward clean and free of litter, Coun Prescott is urging all residents to back her plan to help prevent serious health problems in young people caused by alcohol.

She said: “These youngsters that binge-drink like this at the weekend, don’t have any idea of the health problems alcohol can cause.

“We want to stress to them that if they carry on boozing like they do, they can end up with cirrhosis of the liver and even throat cancer.

“We want to sort this place out once and for all.”