Take-away destroyed in fire

News story
News story

A CHIPPY was completely gutted after a blaze tore through the premises during lunchtime.

Fat in a fryer had overheated in the kitchen of Cross Keys, in Chapel Green Road, at noon on Saturday, forcing workers - and five people who were living in the flat above - to flee the building.

No one was injured, but the flames had completely destroyed the chip shop, with smoke seeping into the flat upstairs.

Smoke had also partially damaged Dawson’s Bakers next door, meaning the business also had to close.

A spokesman for Hindley Fire Service said: “There were no customers in the shop but there were people working.

“There was a good evacuation plan, with all staff leaving quickly and there were five people in the flat above and they promptly vacated.”

The chip shop will now be temporarily closed until refurbishment work takes place.”