Take your dirt home


A WIGAN councillor is joining forces with the council to tackle irresponsible dog fouling.

Pemberton and Norley Hall councillor Jeanette Prescott said she is fed up with dog owners leaving plastic bags with dog mess hung over street lamps or wrapped in bushes and trees.

She said: “I noticed that in Wadlow Avenue, off Spring Road, there was lots of plastic bags with dog muck hanging from the street lamps.

“There is a bin in the area, so there is no excuse.

“Sometimes people think that by picking up their dog’s mess and putting it in a plastic bag is better, but only if it is disposed of properly. What is the sense of putting it in a bag and then just leaving it?

“If it is just left hanging on trees it takes longer to rot down. Now we have plastic bags which look unsightly.

“It stinks when the bags are broken and leaves a mess.

“We have a problem as youngsters play football in the area.

“They don’t want to be falling into dog muck.

“I would urge owners to pick up their dog’s mess, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the bin - don’t just leave it there for everyone to fall over.

“This irresponsible behaviour is costing the authority money as teams have to clean it up.”

Emma Catlow, neighbourhood team leader at Wigan Council, said: “Dog fouling is an issue right across the borough.

“We have worked very closely with partners, councillors and the community on a number of high profile campaigns aimed at deterring owners from letting their dogs foul public spaces, and we have been pleased by the positive impact this has had and the improvements we have seen in some areas.

“We installed a bin and signage in this specific area two years ago and have seen a marked improvement, although we recognise dog fouling can be an intermittent issue so we will monitor it on an ongoing basis.

“We will continue to prioritise this issue, and on being made aware of a specific problem, will respond to any complaints as quickly as possible.”

Any residents who identify a problem should call 01942 404364 to report it.