Takeaway reopens after damning health report

Exterior of Krunchy's Chicken and Pizza
Exterior of Krunchy's Chicken and Pizza

A WIGAN takeaway which was shut down after environmental health inspectors found a dead rat inside was allowed to re-open just 24 hours later.

Bosses at Krunchy’s Chicken and Pizza say they worked around the clock to get the premises up to scratch after inspectors also found a rat burrow, numerous droppings and evidence that sewage had overflowed on to a storeroom floor.

Council officers were subsequently satisfied that an “immediate risk to health” had been lifted and allowed the Newtown takeaway to re-open on the evening of March 7.

Julie Searing, Wigan Council’s business compliance manager, said: “A written application to reopen Krunchy’s Chicken and Pizza takeaway was sent to us by the business owner. One of our environmental health officers then visited and assessed the premises on the same day. She was satisfied that they had made the improvements required so there wasn’t any immediate risk to health, and issued a certificate which stated that the health risk condition no longer exists. We can therefore confirm that the takeaway reopened at 7pm on March 7. We will continue to work closely with the business to make sure further improvements are made and maintained, as it is extremely important that this does not happen again.”

Krunchy’s caretaker boss Sal Juneja said a new manager was already in place and claimed numerous improvements had already been made. He added: “We have eradicated all the problems with the drains by getting specialist contractors in. We have now remedied all previous issues after getting to the root of the problem – which was further down the line. Krunchys has always had a pest control contract in place and pest force are currently coming out to us at least twice a week. They have confirmed there is no pest activity either inside the shop or at the rear of the premises. Krunchys has been serving good, clean food at great prices for more than two years and have never had previous issues like this.

“Management and staff are very embarrassed and ashamed about the whole issue and we can guarantee this will never happen again. We have also implemented new hygiene training methods and added vigilance.”