Talks taking place over pub’s future

Amberswood Tavern
Amberswood Tavern
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ONE of Wigan’s oldest pubs could be bulldozed as bosses are in talks over a sell-out deal.

Dorbiere Pub Group, which owns Amberswood Tavern, in Manchester Road, Ince, is considering an offer believed to be made by neighbouring garage, Westwood, to buy the premises and extend its showroom and office space.

No decisions have yet been made, but a spokesman for the brewery confirmed that discussions were on the table.

It was likely a resolution will be made within the next week.

The news has rocked pub-goers who are devastated that they could lose their favourite watering hole.

Regular Doug Atherton, 66, has a particular interest as he ran the pub in 2000 for nine months and again four years later following a refurbishment.

He is now organising a petition to save Amberswood Tavern.

He said: “It is one of the oldest pubs in Ince so it would be a shame to shut it down, as it has so much history and character.

“If the garage next door bought the premises, it would drive house prices down in the area as no-one wants to look at big, ugly offices.

“This is the only family pub nearby, so it would leave residents without a good, friendly, local pub.

“Us regulars are unhappy about the idea and so we are starting a petition. We will organise a sit-in protest if they propose to shut it.

“That pub shut down around 25 years ago and was boarded up.

“It reopened and shut again and then I moved from my home in Wirral and took it over in 2000 for nine months.

“About four or five years later Dorbiere bought the pub and it had a refurbishment and I was landlord again for six months.

“As you can see, I have a long history with the pub and I don’t want to see it go.”

When the Evening Post contacted Westwood garage about the offer, staff were unaware of any deals.

A spokesman for Dorbiere reiterated that negotiations were still very early on and so it was unlikely that floor staff, including general managers, were privy to any information, as it may not go ahead at all.