Tank battle at the top of flats

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HOUSING bosses have been accused of “spend thrift” work in high rise flats ... then asking lease holders to share the burden of paying for it.

They are being challenged over a hike in service charges to cover the cost of replacement drinking water tanks in Crompton House/Boyswell House in Scholes Village flats.

Residents Syd Hall and Peter Franzen, both members of the Community Action Party, say their research shows identical equipment could be purchased directly from the manufacturers a quarter of Wigan and Leigh Housing Trust’s price.

Residents are being asked to make a one-off payment of £150, spread over four payments, to cover the cost of the work. And they are now calling for an inquiry about the price differential “on behalf of all lease holders and council taxpayers”.

Mr Hall said: “We are not cash cows. Once again the leaseholders of Scholes Village are being hit with a huge hike in their service charges for the fitting of a replacement cold water tank.

“During the many meetings between the leaseholders and WALH it was agreed and established that only ‘like- for-like’ replacements could be charged to the leaseholders and any items that could be seen as an element of improvement could not be charged.

“Seeing as the present water tanks are made from galvanised metal, why are they being replaced by plastic, which isn’t ‘like for like’ and we should not be charged for.”

Wigan and Leigh Housing said that it went to great lengths to make sure of getting value for money out of every building contract.

And contractors knew it drove a “hard deal” on price while not compromising on safety and quality.

A spokesman for the WALH said it would fully investigate Mr Hall’s complaint.