Tattoo artist sets world record

A Wigan tattoo artist has made an indelible mark in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lady Kaz Wilson received official confirmation this week that a skin-decorating marathon lasting more than TWO DAYS had earned her a place in the coveted tome.

She now holds the global best for the longest continual tattooing session on one person.

At her Diamond Tattoo parlour in Higher Ince, Lady Kaz used Andy Kynes as her subject for the mammoth task and successfully reached a new record of 48 hours, 11 minutes.

She takes the title away from tattooists in New Zealand who had held the crown for six years with the time 43 hours and 50 minutes.

Lady Kaz said: "I just thought, 'Why not do this?' It was something that was there and someone once said it can't be done, I wanted to prove them wrong.

"I had been looking for someone to help me for a number of years and Andy said he would help."

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