Taxi driver receives written warning after near miss

News story
News story

A WIGAN taxi driver has been warned about his future conduct and received a one week ban because a pedestrian had to move out of the way of his vehicle to avoid a collision.

The council’s regulation committee imposed the sanctions last month after watching CCTV of the incident.

A member of the public had complained about the driver’s conduct on the night of December 23.

Council minutes record: “The incident had taken place at the bottom of Dicconson Street, the complainant was a pedestrian and had to move out of the vehicle’s pathway to avoid a collision.”

The driver attended the meeting and answered questions from the committee panel as part of the investigation.

The report concluded: “The committee suspends the driver’s licence to drive Private Hire vehicles for one week and requests a written warning be attached to his licence regarding his future conduct. The committee took into account all evidence and representations given.”