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A PRIMARY school teacher who secretly tape-recorded an impromptu meeting with her boss is pursuing a five-figure claim against her former employer.

Anna Bailey claims her position at Lowton Junior and Infant School was marginalised by a deliberate and sustained campaign of harassment.

She told an employment tribunal how she was repeatedly kept out of the loop by fellow senior teachers - sending her into a vicious spiral of depression.

The literacy and numeracy teacher is pursuing a £65,000 claim for four counts of disability discrimination as well as a claim for constructive unfair dismissal.

Ms Bailey told how, on one occasion, deputy head Alison Davies sent an email to her colleague Jo Price to organise an inset day - leaving the claimant out of the loop.

Ms Bailey said: “They were clearly trying to exclude me. It was just Jo and Alison and I wasn’t involved. It was all so unnecessary, but hurtful all the same.”

On another occasion, the tribunal heard how headteacher Michelle Silcock had arranged to go on a course in Manchester alongside Ms Davies and Ms Price, while Ms Bailey completed the same course on her own in Sheffield.

At a subsequent meeting, Ms Bailey accused Ms Davies and Ms Price of conspiring against her and accused Ms Price of “stomping all over me to get to the top”.

A mediation meeting was then arranged in July 2011, but both Ms Davies and Ms Price left early, claiming they were being “interrogated”.

Ms Bailey then denied labelling Ms Price a thief on her return to work in September after cash went missing from her school cupboard. School bosses claimed the money had been legitimately awarded to the winners of a diet club competition.

In February 2012, a four-week phased return to work was agreed for Ms Bailey, who had been off sick for five months.

But Ms Bailey complained about being asked to plan lessons for every day of the week - despite only working four days a week.

The claimant also objected to being asked to work from home on the third week of her phased return, because Mrs Silcock and Ms Davies were away on a residential trip - leaving Ms Price in charge. Ms Bailey then used a dictaphone to secretly tape an impromptu meeting with Mrs Silcock - in which she claims she was belittled. She handed in her resignation letter on March 29, 2012.

The remainder of the tribunal is set to be heard on July 23, 24 and 25.

l In yesterday’s Wigan Evening Post a picture was used in the tribunal report claiming to show Anna Bailey. The photograph was in fact of Michelle Silcock. We apologise for the error and any embarrassment caused.