Teen’s bid to save club

Twelve Apostles Parish Club
Twelve Apostles Parish Club

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save a parish club described as “the heart of the community.”

Young Guide leader Natasha Skitt, 19, returned from holiday last week to find out that Twelve Apostles Parish Club was due to shut on Monday but immediately started a campaign calling on the Archdiocese of Liverpool to keep it open.

Following a meeting last month, some of the people who have been involved in the club have been given an assurance by the archdiocese that if they found a backer, they could keep the club open.

Natasha said: “The club is the heart of our community.

“I am trying to raise awareness of the club closing in the hope that the church will change its mind.

“I have been coming to Rainbows since I was a child and used to have all my birthday parties here.

“It is just such a shame that it is closing.”

For Lesley Garvey, who along with a group of others have taken responsibility for taking bookings at the club in their own time, she wishes they had been given more time to try and save the club.

Lesley has been involved with the club for 34 years and is a guide leader for the Twelve Apostles 25th Leigh Guides who, along with the Rainbows, Brownies and Rangers Senior Section, are moving to Sacred Heart.

“It has all happened so quickly. If we had been given more notice we might have been able to find someone who would be willing to invest in it,” she said.

“There are so many events held there, as well as a lot of groups and it is really very sad that it is closing.

“We are moving to Sacred Heart and Father Kieron has been great but I am worried that some children will be forced to stop coming because they can’t get here.

“I am trying to get all the parents together to see if any who do drive can bring other children but it is difficult with it being the summer holidays.

“A group of us have been running the club for about the past three years and I think it could be saved if someone was willing to invest in it.”

Natasha has set up a Facebook page called Save XII Apostles Parish Club to gather support for the club. To get in touch with those hoping to keep the club open, visit the Facebook page.