Teen’s prison threat

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A WIGAN teenager who was in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend has been sentenced after telling a friend to “smash her up” from behind bars.

Stephen Mann, 18, was already serving a sentence at Forest Bank prison for assaulting his former girlfriend and was sentenced to 120 days as well as being given a 12 month restraining order.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard that on December 19 last year three letters were intercepted that Mann, of George Street Hindley, had tried to send including a particularly concerning one to his friend.

The letter said: “Sort out what I said at court, smash her up and her house,” it then gave directions to his ex-girlfriend’s house and it continued: “Do it on a Monday or a Tuesday because she’ll be on her own.”

It then went on to say that if he found out she had a new boyfriend when he got out of prison he would ‘do him in’ and leave him for dead.

During his sentence he was transferred to Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute and was released earlier this week, 58 days early.

Upon his release police were waiting for him and arrested him. During this process he broke a PC’s watch.

When police searched him they found more letters within his belongings including a note which said: “Pay back. I can’t wait,” and went on to detail 20 things he intended to do to her after his birthday on February 4, so he would not be in prison for his birthday.

Defending, Bill Pearson, said: “On reflection Mr Mann says he is ashamed with himself. He acted out of the most stupidity and accepts that the court is going to be pretty disgusted with what he did.”

He was ordered back to prison to serve the remaining 58 days of his previous sentence as well as an additional 120 days for the offence of intentionally encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence. He was also charged with the criminal damage of the PC’s watch.