Teenage arsonist threw firework

The Douglas Bank in Springfield
The Douglas Bank in Springfield
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A WIGAN teenager has been convicted of arson after throwing a firework through a pub window.

Christopher Cross pleaded guilty at Wigan Magistrates’ Court after being caught on CCTV throwing the firework into the Douglas Bank pub on Woodhouse Lane.

The 18-year-old, from Borrrowbeck Close, Platt Bridge, admitted causing fire and smoke damage to the pub at 2.45am on Saturday, February 5 this year.

The court heard how the landlord of the Douglas Bank, Stephen Dartnell, heard a loud noise from their flat above the pub in the early hours. He and his partner thought it was something outside but on finding nothing, they went down to find the bar area filled with smoke. The window he threw the firework through was already broken from a previous incident.

Police were able to identify Cross on reviewing the pubs CCTV system and he was arrested the same day at 5pm.

The firework caused fire damage to a window frame as well as smoke damge to the bar area.

Colin Rawson, defending, said: “When you see the charge arson, you associate it with a planned act of setting fire to things with petrol and a lighter.

“In this case it is clearly minor damage caused by a firework, thrown through a pub window, when the pub was clearly vacant.

“He (Cross) bears no grudge against the pub landlord and put it solely down to the amount of alcohol he consumed previous to the incident occurring. He admitted it to Police immediately.”

Cross was sentenced to a six month, 30 hour community order, in which he must attend Bolton Senior Attendance Centre. He was also ordered to pay compensation of £300 and costs of £40.