Teenage drunk hurled abuse at police officer

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A TEENAGE drunk who repeatedly hurled abuse at a female police officer claimed to have no recollection of the incident the following day.

Anthony Haslam was stopped by a PC shortly after 5pm on Wednesday (September 5) after he was spotted staggering along the pavement.

But Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard that when she wound the window of her police car down to speak to the 19-year-old, he just waved his arms around in the air and repeatedly verbally abused her.

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, told how he then started drunkenly laughing at the officer, before saying: “What are you going to do? Chase me?”

Then, when the policewoman moved in to make an arrest, Haslam attempted to dodge her to get away.

However, he was far too drunk to get very far and was even deemed too intoxicated to understand a caution.

In fact, he was so drunk that he stumbled into the bonnet of the police car before being taken to sober up overnight in a police cell.

He kicked out forcefully at the inside of the police vehicle and continued to hurl abuse at the officer on his way to the station.

Desribing it as “a particularly unattractive incident”, Bill Pearson, defending Haslam, accepted that police officers should never have to face this level of abuse.

He also admitted that his client had drunk too much to remember anything about what he said or did the previous day.

However, he said that Haslam, of Sefton Avenue, Atherton, entirely accepted the policewoman’s version of events and, in the cold light of day, regretted his behaviour.

Magistrates handed Haslam a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered for cash already owed to the courts to be deducted from his benefits.