Teens dicing with death in quarry

THRILL-SEEKING teens are dicing with death at a Wigan quarry - just 12 months after a young woman was seriously injured at the same tombstoning hotspot.

Daredevil teens have been photographed launching themselves from a cliff into the East Quarry at Appley Bridge as temperatures across Wigan continued to soar.

'Tombstoning' and swimming at East Quarry, Appley Bridge

'Tombstoning' and swimming at East Quarry, Appley Bridge

But their reckless behaviour has been condemned by police chiefs who again warned of the dangers of treating quarries and open water as playgrounds.

Twelve months ago a 23-year-old woman had to be airlifted to hospital with serious injuries after plunging 40ft into the icy water from the cliff which surrounds the quarry.

Firefighters believed the woman, who was wearing a bathing suit, had gone to the beauty spot specifically to jump from the cliffs into the lake – a dangerous extreme sport often referred to as tombstoning.

She collided with rocks before landing in the water and suffered a suspected spinal injury as well as a deep laceration to her knee.

Members of the Bolton Mountain Rescue team were even called to the scene as a precaution.

Just 24 hours later, a hard-hitting film entitled Not A Game was launched in a bid to discourage other youngsters from following suit.

Despite being private land, the East Quarry is well known as a popular haunt for thrill-seeking tombstoners, with several videos posted on YouTube appearing to show people diving from the cliffs into the lake.

Back in 1999, it claimed the life of tragic 17-year-old Craig Croston, of Platt Bridge, who failed to surface after falling in.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “With the warm weather and the school holidays approaching, we would advise people to think twice about going into local rivers, lakes and canals to cool off.

“In particular, we would warn anyone against attempting these kinds of stunts.

“It is extremely dangerous and when it goes wrong it can have devastating results.”