Teens putting lives at risk at death quarry

Police dispatched a helicopter to a notorious Wigan quarry where a teenager drowned after youngsters were spotted '˜tombstoning'.

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 7:00 am
Teenagers caught tombstoning into the water at East Quarry in 2014

The dramatic intervention came after officers received reports of youths leaping from cliffs into the water at East Quarry in Appley Bridge.

And it is hoped the police operation will pre-empt a spike in the dangerous craze as the weather warms up and schools across the borough break up for the summer.

The site, which is privately owned and fenced off to the public, was the scene of a tragedy last year when budding Wigan rugby starlet Miracle Godson drowned while playing in the water with friends.

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A police helicopter could be seen hovering over the disused quarry late on Tuesday afternoon sparking fears of another tragedy.

But Lancashire Police said that the deployment of the helicopter was intended to deter the youngsters from jumping in the quarry.

A spokesman for Skelmersdale Police said: “There have been several calls throughout the day reporting people trespassing and climbing into East Quarry at Appley Bridge and swimming in the water.

“The water can look inviting, but it is very cold and deep and even experienced swimmers can suddenly find themselves in difficulty.

“Jumping into the water is also very dangerous as there are rocks, ledges and debris on the quarry floor that can shift and move.

“Other hazards include falling off ledges and being struck by rock fall.

“Skelmersdale Police are urging young people to consider the consequences of what they may consider a bit of harmless fun.”

Countless warnings have been issued in the past about swimming in the water at the quarry but despite 14-year-old Miracle’s death in April last year, the quarry has been broken into several times by local youths.