Teens saved from mud ordeal

Left to right: Adam Lister, Stef Mountford (Max's aunty) and Max Mountford after the two boys were trapped in mud for four hours
Left to right: Adam Lister, Stef Mountford (Max's aunty) and Max Mountford after the two boys were trapped in mud for four hours

TWO teenage pals have told of their terror after being trapped in mud for four hours.

Max Mountford and Adam Lister today showed off their filth-caked clothes which are reminders of the danger the pair were in after becoming stuck in the thick, clay-like substance on Monday evening.

The 14-year-olds from Tyldesley had been walking when Adam slipped into the mud and found he was unable to free himself. Max then tried to rescue him but became as stuck as his friend.

Two girls who were passing by also tried in vain to help, but then sensibly called the fire service who went to the remote scene off Wharton Lane, Little Hulton.

Crews from Farnworth and Eccles attended and the Water Incident Unit used a board to create a platform in the mud from which the two boys could be pulled to safety, in an operation lasting around half an hour.

They were treated at the scene by trauma technicians and paramedics before being taken to hospital in Bolton.

Adam said: “It’s where I used to go with my granddad when I was little. I was jumping over some rocks and I just slipped and sank into the mud.

“I thought I could get out but I was stuck. After a bit I was panicking because the mud was up to my belt. I was really worried.”

Max said: “I tried to help Adam by standing on the rocks and pulling him out but I kept slipping back. Then my foot got stuck and I started to realise that I was going under too.

“I was twisting my ankle so I couldn’t get out. I was just thinking about how I was going to get Adam out because he was stuck up to his waist.”

Relieved parents today told of their relief at their sons’ narrow escape, and praised the response of the emergency services.

Max’s mum Karen Mountford, 43, said: “I felt sick when the fire service said the boys were trapped. The crews did a fantastic job. They risked their own lives to help the boys.

“The firefighters and the consultant at the hospital both told me that if they had been there over night they would be dead.

“The boys were both shocked and it frightened them good and proper. I just hope this incident will warn others of the dangers.”

Fire service group manager Tony Lander said: “Playing near water and boggy ground is so dangerous.

“All too quickly you can get in to difficulties and find it difficult to get out due to steep or slippery banks and sometimes the consequences can be tragic.

“Please don’t take the risk – don’t go into boggy areas or water.”