Telecoms firm left us without broadband

Julie and Steve Westwood with son Bradley
Julie and Steve Westwood with son Bradley
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A MUM has slammed a leading telecommunications provider after she was left without internet for days despite having a severely disabled son who relies on it.

Julie Westwood has hit out at TalkTalk claiming it failed to deliver on its promise when she switched over to them from BT.

The company left the family, of Maple Crescent, Leigh, without TV or internet connection for days.

And Julie was left having to explain to her distraught 17-year-old son Bradley, who has learning difficulties and relies on the internet to help with day-to-day tasks and learning, why he couldn’t use it anymore.

And she says the company refused to let her cancel the contract when she asked to return to her previous provider.

Now she is left facing a termination charge for a service she hardly used.

Julie said: “I think we have received such terrible service.

The company called me to offer a cheaper, one-off broadband package which I accepted as I was struggling to pay my bills with BT.

“But I have been with BT for as long as I can remember and have never had any problems before and as soon as it was installed, nothing would work.

“I contacted the company but I feel as though I was just passed from pillar to post, one person was telling me one thing and somebody else was telling me another it was so annoying.

“I did leave it for a while to give it time but still nothing after a couple of days.

“Despite them saying they had sorted it, they hadn’t, and my son was so upset, he was just inconsolable because he doesn’t understand. He needs and relies on the internet to help him daily and now he seems lost.

“I just want to go back to BT but they won’t even let me cancel the contract. And if I do cancel it they will charge me an unnecessary termination fee which I just can’t afford.”

Julie says she is currently waiting to switch her Broadband back to BT even if it requires her paying the extra fees.

TalkTalk spokesperson said: “We are sorry Mrs Westwood had problems when she first switched to TalkTalk.

“There was a fault on the line which meant the broadband was slow and she could not order extra TV channels. We fixed the line and her broadband is now fast enough for TV.”

Parts of Leigh were recently revealed as having the slowest broadband in the country.