Test revolution is welcomed

Driving instructor Patrick Caulwell from Gidlow School of Motoring
Driving instructor Patrick Caulwell from Gidlow School of Motoring

ONE of Wigan’s most experienced driving instructors has welcomed a review of the driving test.

It has been reported that the bane of many a nervous candidate – the smoothly executed three-point turn – could now be dropped from the driving test because of the march of new technology.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has confirmed it is reviewing the current content of the test to explore how it could “better reflect real-life driving”.

One of the recommendations it is studying is to extend the “independent driving” section, which would mean asking learners to find their way to a destination...possibly by using satellite navigation rather than following road signs.

Today Wigan’s Gidlow School of Motoring said that it was important that the test more accurately reflected the demands of modern driving.

Pat Caulwell, who established the business more than three decades ago, was one of the first instructors in the country to launch intensive driving courses, which attracted considerable overseas business, with clients from all over Europe. He said: “It is good that the industry is having the opportunity to help evolve the L test to a level where it can more realistically assesses a candidates ability to competently manage real life conditions behind the wheel.

“The thoughts of instructors are playing a key role in the project and making the test more fit for purpose and more reflective of modern driving.

But the motoring expert and TV driving commentator Quentin Willson described the skill of learning a fluid three-point turn as “essential”.

And particularly if you end up being sent down the wrong way because the same sonorous voice from the Sat Nav sent you there in the first place, as has been known to happen.