The end is nigh for Pier Nite Spot

Wigan Pier nightclub
Wigan Pier nightclub

A ONCE famous nightclub is to be flattened by a wrecking ball within days.

Demolition crews will be moving onto the site of the former Wigan Pier Nite Spot after the weekend.

It is coming down to make way for a major redevelopment of the surrounding area.

The site has become one of Wigan’s biggest eyesores and has stood empty for more than 12 months.

Wigan Council bought the building in March 2013. The demolition is scheduled to start on Monday.

Plans to transform the area around Wigan Pier are currently being considered by the council.

The nightclub site will initially be restored as a community garden but wider proposals include landscaping the land around the pier and making use of the canal basin as a marina for overnight mooring.

Plans will be finalised in the coming months.

Coun David Molyneux, deputy leader of Wigan Council, said: “This is one of the biggest eyesores in our town and sadly it is in one of the most high-profile places.

“The building is about forty years old and I’m sure there are a lot of people who have happy and slightly hazy memories of good times at the old club.

“But the building is now in a rotten state.

“We are currently underusing and underselling the whole Wigan Pier area and want to completely transform it and restore its status as one of the most prominent places in the region.

“That can only really be done if we get rid of this building. I’m pleased work to achieve this will begin soon.

“It’s a great start for 2014.”

The plans to create a community garden have been backed by the family of a young man who drowned in the canal nearby.

In fact Jeff and Gaynor Jones say they are relieved that the nightclub, which brings back so many painful memories for them, is to be demolished. Son Paul died in 2007 when he came to Wigan from his home in Wrexham to celebrate his 18th birthday with his first ever visit to a nightclub.

But what was meant to be a night of fun ended in tragedy when the teenager fell into the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

A tree outside the club had become a memorial to the teenager from his friends and is also likely to go, but the Joneses knew nothing of it and a spokesman said that they would be just “glad to see the back of the whole site”.