The invisible crimebuster

A LEAFY village near Wigan is taking a smart new line in crime prevention.

For Dalton near Parbold is set to be designated as a SmartWater zone in bid to prevent theft in the area.

Around 300 kits containing the anti-theft device are being distributed to households in the village.

The kits, which have been funded by the Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC), are being given out to residents to help them protect their personal belongings.

Sgt Steve Hackney said: “Not only does SmartWater help us to return items to owners in the event of theft but there is a big deterrent factor as it makes would-be burglars think twice.

“Dalton is a rural village and crime is low but, due to the location, it can be a target for cross-border crime.

“This is part of our dedication to ensuring that crime remains low. We hope that the introduction of SmartWater will ultimately prevent burglaries and theft.

“We would recommend that all residents given a kit use it to protect their electrical items, furniture, jewellery and other items of value.”

SmartWater is an invisible liquid that can be applied to possessions. It glows brightly under ultraviolet light and it is impossible to remove completely.

When applied to property such as computers, mobile phones, jewellery and televisions, it marks the item, allowing it to be traced if it is stolen and linking the offender to the crime scene.

The kits are being distributed by volunteers and contain the SmartWater liquid, a registration form, window stickers and warning stickers to place on marked equipment.