The positive side of the markets

Wigan indoor market .
Wigan indoor market .

WIGAN’S traders hope to get a boost following a campaign to drive more people back into the markets.

Bosses at WiganPlus, the town loyalty card, and traders at Wigan Market are to work together and encourage greater awareness and use of the market in a project to increase trade.

The scheme - Revitalising the Markets Experience - aims to encourage greater footfall through the Market Hall and around the outdoor market and develop more knowledge of what they can offer.

The WiganPlus card will now feature the markets on a regular basis, with special offers being highlighted, a “loyalty bonus” when making purchases on certain stalls, advertising link ups between the two organisations and displays of stall goods in the WiganPlus shop.

The scheme hopes to generate interest from outside the town by encouraging local coach companies to consider Market Experience trips to Wigan.

Over the past few months, market traders in Wigan have been attempting to negotiate with the council over the latest lease offer and they are struggling to beat the recession.

Mike O’Connor, market traders chairman, said: “This was an independent venture, done by the traders in conjunction with the WiganPlus initiative because they were disappointed at the lack of response and help from the council in terms of getting greater footfall.

“But hopefully, our work with WiganPlus will do that.”

Wigan Council’s Deputy Leader Coun David Molyneux, said: “We really appreciate and value or markets and we are continuing to work with the traders to support them in these difficult economic times.

“Whilst the council is doing a considerable amount to support the borough’s markets anything the traders can do to promote themselves through initiatives such as the WiganPlus Scheme, can only be a positive thing.”

Chris Rice, business liaison manager at WiganPlus, said: “Markets have always been a great source of shopping activity, long before the evolving of the town High Street, but with today’s more sophisticated town centre style shopping, sometimes the great values and superb range of market products are sometimes overlooked.”

To sign up for a card log on to or visit the WiganPlus shop in The Galleries.