The shop raid that wasn’t


DOZENS of youngsters looked on in shocked bemusement as they witnessed what looked like a grocery store robbery.

Two black-clad and masked men pulled up in a car outside Shevington Top Shop and moments later were seen heading off down Parbrook Lane in the vehicle with some urgency.

Several onlookers immediately reported the matter to police who soon caught up with the car and stopped it. One child thought he had seen a weapon.

But after making a search of the car – which drew a blank –and checking back at the store, officers concluded that no crime had taken place.

A police spokesman said: “It was reported that these men turned up at the shop in a black car at about 3pm last Friday, wearing ski masks and one of them went in the shop.

“But he lifted his mask up onto the top of his head and bought something before leaving, according to witnesses inside. People outside may have got a different impression.”

One onlooker outside the shop said: “Shevington High had just finished for the day and there were pupils everywhere, including several dozen right outside the shop.

“Suddenly I saw this man in a black ski mask come out of the shop and get into a car driven by another man similarly dressed and they drove off down the street.

“It certainly looked very suspicious.”