Thief’s wrecking spree in sports car

Mike Cotter of Winstanley with his Toyota Celica car, which he managed to rescue from a thief
Mike Cotter of Winstanley with his Toyota Celica car, which he managed to rescue from a thief

A THIEF tried to steal a sports car then went on a wrecking spree in a bid to escape.

Mike Cotter chased the thief on foot after realising he was making away with his Toyota Celica – and could only watch as the driver left a trail of destruction down the street.

The incident began shortly after 5.30am on Saturday when the thief, who was working alone, broke into the home of Mr Cotter and his wife Lorraine, and snatched the car keys.

It is believed he targeted their home after spotting the sports car parked outside.

The noise of the break-in woke Mr Cotter, who jumped out of bed and sped out into the street to see the man driving off in his car.

Mr Cotter, of Cherrybrook Drive, Winstanley, said: “I heard him drive off as he hit our other car, a Vauxhall Zafira.

“I flew down and saw him trying to get off the drive, so I chased him out into the street. At this point he saw me, crashed into a bush, spun round and hit our neighbour’s three cars.”

Mr Cotter had caught up to the driver at this point and began tugging at the locked door.

The thief then clambered over to the passenger side and fled the scene, leaving his hat and torch inside the car as he scurried away.

Mr Cotter added: “I got to the car and tried to get in through the driver’s side but the door was locked. The passenger door opened and what I thought to be the passenger got out and ran so I went around to the passenger side hoping to get the driver and it turned out that the passenger was actually the driver and had climbed across ... so he got away.

“He left the two items behind which are now with the police.

“When I turned round, the street was like a scene from a demolition derby.”

Seven of the couple’s nine children were in the house at the time of the incident.

Not only was damage caused to the two vehicles owned by the Cotter family, but also those owned by Fred and Dot Taylor who live nearby.

One of their cars was yesterday at a garage being repaired.

The thief made away in the direction of Tan House Drive.