Thieves target Wigan ambulance crew’s cars

Police appeal
Police appeal

Thieves have been blasted for breaking into Wigan ambulance crew’s cars while they were out on 999 calls.

A not only did the early hours crimes cause upset and inconvenience to the victims, it also meant that an emergency vehicle had to be taken out of circulation while the police investigation was launched.

Officers today appealed for information about the break-ins in the car park of Wigan ambulance station in Pottery Road early on Sunday morning.

Damage totalling hundreds of pounds was caused to the cars and it is believed that among the items stolen were a wallet, containing bank cards, and a gym bag.

It is believed that the intruders came in from the back where the canal runs.

A spokesperson for North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) said: “The trust can confirm that in the early hours of Sunday morning, February 12, whilst our staff were out responding to emergencies, thieves targeted the car park of Wigan Ambulance Station and broke into two crew members’ cars causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage and stealing personal items inside.

“Not only was this incident extremely distressing for our staff members who were out working tirelessly to help others, this also resulted in an emergency ambulance being taken off the road whilst the vehicles were secured and a police report completed.

“We urge anyone who has any information about this crime to contact the Police on 101.”

Security has been stepped up to prevent a recurrence of the thefts. Ambulance crews can be out on the roads for many hours at a time, especially when hospital backlogs can mean long queueing before being called out on their next emergency.

Later this year the station on Pottery Road will close and the crews will move over to a new emergency services hub that they are going to be sharing with Wigan firefighters.