‘Third strike’ burglar jailed

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A WIGAN man who twice broke into the home of a woman acquaintance has been jailed for two years and five months.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that after burgling the house Anthony Roby bumped into a friend of the victim and went with her to the house.

While there, he began comparing one of his trainers to a mark on the floor and noted it was the same but then said an acquaintance had the same trainers and tried to shift suspicion.

The victim of the burglary noticed the rear door key was missing and Roby suggested to her that she might as well leave it as the intruders had already taken items worth taking and she agreed.

The next afternoon Roby returned to the house and got in through the insecure door. He then stole a television set from an upstairs bedroom.

The day after, on March 28 this year, he voluntarily handed himself into the police.

He admitted breaking into the house in Ince Hall Avenue, Ince, and taking the television.

He initially denied the first burglary, in which a PlayStation, a laptop and £80 cash was stolen, but then also admitted that offence.

Twenty-one-year-old Roby said that he had been under the influence of drink and cocaine when he broke into the house.

Roby, of Levens Place, Higher Ince, pleaded guilty to both burglaries.

The court heard that he was a “third strike” burglar - who had already committed two similar offence and therefore he faced a mandatory minimum jail sentence.

Mr William Swalwell, defending, said that Roby was determined to compensate the victim for her loss following the break-in.

Sentencing Roby, during which the defendant wept, Judge William George described the burglaries as “serious and mean.”

He added that a redeeming feature was his remorse and handing himself into the police.