Thousands of speeders snapped

Speed camera
Speed camera

SPEED cameras across Wigan Borough have snared more than 8,600 motorists over five years - raking in more than half a million pounds worth of fines.

The camera which caught the most speeding drivers - some 2,087 in three years - is on the A58 Liverpool Road between Hindley and Platt Bridge, which accounted for just under a quarter of all those recorded.

It flashed an average of 13 drivers a week between 2008 and 2010 according to new figures published by road safety chiefs.

The camera has cost motorists fines totalling £125,220 in the 30mph zone.

The second most prolific camera was on the A572 Manchester Road, east of Marsland Green Lane in Leigh.

It caught 1,351 motorists in three years, with fines adding up to £81,060.

The only camera to operate fully between 2006 and 2010 is on the A49 Warrington Road, near Stephens Way.

It recorded 704 drivers - nearly three a week and fines reached £42,240.

Wigan Borough had a total of 16 fixed speed cameras and 28 sites for mobile cameras between 2006 and 2010.

Of the 8,661 motorists caught speeding, 4,439 of them paid fines and had their licences endorsed.

A further 3,735 completed a speed awareness course and 425 were hauled to court.

Across Greater Manchester as a whole, some 176,000 motorists were caught speeding by cameras, resulting in fines totalling £10.5 million.

Greater Manchester Police say the cameras help save lives and educate motorists.

Karen Stringer, Central Ticket Office Manager, GMP said: “GMP aim to do this by the prevention, detection and enforcement of road traffic offences as part of their road traffic policing role, which includes speed.

“This approach encourages change to driver behaviour by the use of safety camera activity and the resulting education courses where the offer of a course is applicable.”

Data on all 151 fixed speed cameras in the region has been published by Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership.

The partnership says a study of safety cameras in Greater Manchester between January 2007 and December 2009 showed that the number of collisions where people were killed and seriously injured had fallen by more than 48 per cent compared with April 2000 to March 2003.

Josie Wride, Group Leader, Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership, said: “The primary aim for safety camera deployment is to reduce death and injuries on the roads by reducing the level and severity of speeding.

“ Safety cameras are only ever installed to lower speeds after all possible engineering features have been exhausted at that specific location.”

Wigan’s fixed safety cameras and how many motorists they snapped:

A58 Bolton Road, Riding Lane, Wigan - 300

A49 Wigan Road, jct with Landgate Ind Est, Wigan - 104

B5328, Whelley, north of Stephen’s Avenue, Wigan - 389

A572 Manchester Road, East of Marsland Green Lane, Leigh - 1,351

A58 Liverpool Road, South of Longton Street, Wigan - 2,087

Spring Road, opposite Latham Lane, Wigan - 263

A577, Atherton Road, Wigan - 134

A572 St Helens Road, Leigh - 551

B5206 Shevington Lane, Wigan - 54

A49 Warrington Road, Wigan - 704

B5238 Poolstock Lane, WIgan - 974

B5207 Bryn Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield - 335

A49 Wigan Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield - 32

A577 Orrell Road, Wigan - 385

A49 Wallgate, Wigan - 325

Spencer Road, Wigan - 673