Threat to blow up computer

Subash George
Subash George

A WIGAN man is warning against potential computer scammers after receiving a bogus phone call saying his computer would be blown up if he didn’t supply his credit card details.

Subash George received numerous calls and was hit with virus warnings from what was said to be the police warning him of illegal activity on his computer.

However, on contacting service provider Microsoft and the police, he was told none of the messages had anything to do with either.

The first incident came when a message flashed up on Mr George’s computer informing him that illegal activity had been detected on his computer and he must pay a fine of £100.

Mr George, who lives in Swinley, reported the incident where he was told, as suspected, the message had nothing to do with police.

Shortly after this, while Mr George was at work, his wife received a phone call telling her that vital repairs were needed on their computer.

The caller said that they were from Microsoft and they would remove the virus’ at a cost of £50. Again, this was found out to be a false claim.

Mr George said: “They said they could remove the errors from the computer and brainwashed my wife into turning the computer on.

“She began to suspect things and hung up to ring me and I told her to turn the computer off and even the internet at the modem.

“The next time they rang, I answered and I asked them for their details as it was coming up as an international call.

“However, they wouldn’t give them to me and then they started to shout at me, telling me I needed to get these virus’ fixed.

“They said they needed my Visa number immediately or they would blow my computer up!”

Again, Mr George cut the line and immediately went about disconnecting his computer from the modem to avoid any further problems.

However, the scam artists continued to call and intimidate Mr George.

He added: “They must have called about 10 times and I’ve had to change certain details to keep my computer safe.

“I just think the people of Wigan need to be aware of this incident so they can stay safe in the future.”