Threatened by knifemen who raided wrong house

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TWO men looking for drugs, raided the home of a Standish man by mistake, a court heard.

Aston McCullough and an accomplice entered the flat in the early hours of January 18 and as tenant David Bell had a knife in his hand as he had been eating, one of them picked up a knife from the dining table. “He told Mr Bell, ‘If you stab me I’ll stab you back in the face’,” said prosecutor Nicola Daley.

She said they were looking for drugs but went to the wrong house. Words were exchanged and Mr Bell, 41, said he did not want to stab anyone, did not want any trouble and was just asking them to leave. “They started to walk away but one then grabbed hold of him to the side of the face and punched him and then there was a scuffle. He felt more blows to the face and head and recalled going to the floor,” Miss Daley told Liverpool Crown Court.

He had various items thrown at him and then felt he was being stamped on and was then wrestled on the ground by one of the men and felt his Medicare bracelet being pulled off his wrist. After they left he rang his mum for help and the emergency services were called. He was taken to hospital with bruising and a fractured cheekbone.

McCullough, 21, of Atherton Road, Hindley, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm and burglary and had an attempted burglary taken into consideration. The court heard a second has not yet been charged. Jailing him for two years eight months, Judge Robert Trevor-Jones said it was a serious incident though he accepted the knife was not used.

Geoffrey Lowe, defending, said it was not a normal type of burglary. They had gone to the premises to buy drugs not to steal but ended up at the wrong property. McCullough had been on a drinking binge and had little recollection of the incident.