Ticketing hotspots revealed

A traffic warden deals with illegal parking
A traffic warden deals with illegal parking
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WIGAN Council has raked in more than £1.5million from parking fines in nearly three years.

Motorists who illegally parked their cars on the borough’s streets and car parks were slapped with a whopping 51,121 fines between January 2009 and September 2011.

Figures obtained from the authority through the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that at least £1,789,235 was collected by Wigan Council from Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) over the last two years and nine months.

The information also revealed the top-10 ticketed streets and car parks during 2011.

Wigan Lane has remained the top-ticketed street each year since 2009, with traffic wardens issuing a total of 3,232 fines, generating at least £113,120. Spinning Gate Shopping Centre in Leigh is the most ticketed off-road car park over the same period, with up to 3,303 fines given out, bringing in at least £115,605.

Currently, under The Traffic Management Act 2004, a parking fine in Wigan costs either £70 or £50, depending on the contravention.

If paid within 14 days of the fine being issued, there is a 50 per cent reduction.

However, if motorists do not pay within the 28 days, they risk rising costs of up to £112, and a possible visit from the bailiff to recover the debt.

Sheila Livesey of Swinley Residents’ Association, lives on Wigan Lane. She said: “These figures show how much of a problem parking is on Wigan Lane.

“We are constantly battling with the council telling it that there are not enough parking spaces around here.”

Mark Tilley, council head of infrastructure said: “Inappropriate parking is a civil offence.

“It is inconsiderate and can be dangerous.

“Our staff act to ensure the highway is managed efficiently and safely, but in areas of high parking demand like Spinning Gate and Wigan Lane, it is inevitable that there will be vehicles parked in contravention.

“We must ensure parking is managed properly and controlled to best satisfy demand with regards to the physical constraints of each site.

“The council is looking into new technologies to assist drivers when parking, including alternative methods of payment and the ability to top up payments to extend parking stays should people be delayed and overstay on a car park or a pay and display bay.”

Wigan’s top 10 most ticketed car parks this year:

Spinning Gate – 1,020 tickets

Doctors Nook – 383 tickets

Chapel Lane – 222 tickets

Mona Street East – 222 tickets

Lord Street – 210 tickets

Mona Street West – 188 tickets

Harrogate Street – 131 tickets

Library Town Hall – 125 tickets

Bengal Street – 92 tickets

Church Street k – 80 tickets issued

Wigan’s top 10 most ticketed streets this year:

Wigan Lane – 945 tickets

Millgate – 436 tickets

Crawford Street – 373 tickets

Standishgate – 360 tickets

Library Street – 333 tickets

Dorning Street – 170 tickets

Bridgeman Terrace – 168 tickets

Hallgate – 160 tickets

Upper Dicconson Street – 153 tickets

Mesnes Park Terrace – 124 tickets.