Tip closure is a load of rubbish

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News story

WIGAN Council’s decision to close its largest household waste outlet while promoting a national recycling campaign has been branded a load of rubbish.

Kirkless tip at Makerfield Way, Ince, has been shut for the past few days in order to carry out “essential” work which will see an anti-friction coating applied to the ground to aid vehicle safety.

Any time is a bad time for the tip to close but especially on National Waste Week, it’s a bit ill-conceived

Coun Gary Wilkes

It means even longer journeys for some residents, particularly in the north and west of the borough who are this week having to travel all the way to Atherton to dump their rubbish.

The decision to shut Kirkless during National Waste Week ctoday ame under fire.

Opposition leader Coun Gary Wilkes said: “Any time is a bad time for the tip to close but especially on National Waste Week, it’s a bit ill-conceived. I can understand that the work has to be done, and essentially in the quiet months, but temporary measures are necessary.

“I believe we should be encouraging people to recycle and any interruption on that can have a big impact on the community. I hope the council can tread with slippers rather than big heavy boots because fly-tipping is a huge problem in the borough.”

Will Patterson, Wigan’s parliamentary candidate for the Green Party, added: “We obviously welcome any improvements to the town’s tips but the timing of the closure is very poor. We know how seriously Wigan Council takes recycling but this just proves they haven’t done much to promote National Waste Week which is a huge missed opportunity.”

Just last week the Evening Post revealed that Wigan Council was lumbered with more than 1,000 clean-up efforts in 2014 due to fly-tippers.

Wigan Council has apologised for the inconvenience and points residents to the household waste sites in Slag Lane, Leigh, and the Chanters Industrial Estate, Atherton.

Wigan Council director of environment Terry Dunn recently said: “The closure of the site for three days is necessary to allow this essential work to take place.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause however our two other centres will be open for the public to use during this time.”

It is the first of several improvements to Wigan Council’s waste and recycling sites this year. Kirkless was due to reopen tomorrow.