Too ugly for love? We don’t think so Abbie!

Abbie Lloyd of Golborne
Abbie Lloyd of Golborne

A WIGAN woman with Crohn’s Disease is to appear on a TV show tonight about how the illness affects her social life.

Abbie Lloyd, who grew up in Golborne, will be featured in Too Ugly For Love tonight and the following Wednesday, February 17, on TLC at 9pm.

The 22-year-old, who was born prematurely at 25 weeks, weighing 1lb 13oz, discusses how Crohn’s Disease leaves her exhausted and in pain, as well as forcing her to follow a strict diet with no alcohol.

Not being able to party with her fellow students at Ealing University, has made life difficult for her, and she admits it means her love life is ‘practically non-existent’.

As she wears an external ileostomy bag on her abdomen which collects her faeces, she reveals it makes her feel uncomfortable about having a relationship.