Toon fans invade local games

Newcastle fans invade Sunday league match
Newcastle fans invade Sunday league match
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TWO Sunday league matches were halted because of a 300-man pitch invasion after Newcastle fans arrived in town and parked on the car park adjacent to the pitches behind the Soccerdome.

At first the four teams involved saw the funny side before the louts went on to cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

One of the clubs involved is now writing to Newcastle United, expressing its disgust at the behaviour at those involved and the lack of control upon the group.

Wigan Cosmos FC were midway through their game with AFC Leigh when some of the supporters wandered over and started to watch before one of them ran on the playing area.

Things soon escalated though and within minutes, hundreds of Newcastle fans were on the pitch, tearing netting down, swinging on the posts and ripping out corner flags.

Cosmos manager John Pendlebury said: “At first, a few came and just started watching and then one ran on and then within minutes I would say there were 250-300 following on.

“At first, it was a bit funny but then they started ripping the corner flags out.

“The nets were ripped down and they were swinging on the posts trying to snap them.”

Things were made worse when the group also invaded the pitch next to the one Wigan Cosmos were on, which was a game between Goose Green reserves and Olympic FC.

There was similar disruption on that pitch and both games were stopped for 40 minutes.

Mr Pendlebury says that there were no police or stewards around to try and ease the situation.

He added: “I’m a football fan myself and when I go to away games and park up, there’s always a police escort. There wasn’t this time though.

“It was about 2.15pm and we were delayed for quite a while, some of our lads wanted to go to the Latics game themselves and didn’t know if they would make it.

“With the netting being ripped and all the other damage, including a ball being taken worth around £65, I’d estimate there to have been £200 worth of damage, which we will have to foot the bill for.

“They all thought it was one big joke, they were all laughing about it on Twitter posting pictures and videos.

“We have those now though and will be passing them on to Newcastle United.”

All of the tweets seemed to make light of the situation, taking no care about the amount of damage done.

One read: “Newcastle fans have invaded a Sunday league match next to the DW Stadium hahahahahahaha.”

Another added: “About 1000 nufc lads just invaded 2 sunday league teams lmfao never been so happy so so so funny!”