Top dog Billy to the rescue as owner falls ill

Top dog Billy
Top dog Billy
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A SUPER-DOG helped save his owner’s life by pressing an emergency button to raise the alarm.

After falling out of her wheelchair and knocking herself unconscious in the back garden of her assisted living home, Carol Willacy says she can’t thank her dog Billy enough for saving her.

Carol, 45, has mobility problems as a result of severe arthritis and spinal damage caused by a fall. She also suffers from extreme fatigue and uses a wheelchair to get around.

Due to her condition, Carol decided to train her pet dog Billy to be a support dog, to provide practical assistance with tasks that she found difficult or impossible to perform, through a scheme trialled by the Progress Housing Group.

Progress Lifeline, who are supporters of the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation, launched its unique lifting service in partnership with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and the NHS following a six month pilot.

The lifting service involves specially trained Emergency Mobile Responders (EMRs) attending calls received through its 24 hour Control Centre, when a customer has fallen uninjured in their home but need help to get back on their feet.

Since his training with the Charity Support Dogs, Billy has been able to help Carol with emptying the washing machine, opening and closing doors, taking off her shoes and coat and finding items that she asks for - including keys, her phone and the television remote, and was able to press an emergency button which connected him to Progress Lifeline’s 24 hour Control Centre, when Carol couldn’t raise the alarm herself.

Carol said: “I can’t thank everyone enough. The service really is a lifeline for me.”