Top tips to keep up your fitness regime

Avoid the temptation to binge watch on Netflix into the early hours  get yourself plenty of sleep instead
Avoid the temptation to binge watch on Netflix into the early hours get yourself plenty of sleep instead

Our fitness expert, The Colonel, gives his advice on how to keep focussed on the keep-fit New Year's resolutions...

As those New Year’s resolutions roll into week three, we commend you if you’re still on track, but we also warn you – don’t get carried away.

With the buzz of those exercise fuelled endorphins kicking in, many overtrain as they start to see results. We suggest at times you must stop and think. Do you need to take a step back?

Perhaps you just need to prime your body better to see you through your fitness week. We’ve got your needs covered here.


If you’re stepping up your exercise regime this January, it’s important that you also make sure you stay hydrated. So yes, feel free to down that protein shake after that iron pumping workout, but don’t stop there.

For women it is suggested that you drink around 2.7 litres of water a day, with an extra litre of water on top of that for men. Of course, you also need to consider the work you’re putting in – get chugging and pull the plug on those unwanted muscular cramps!

As well as hydration, a balanced diet is also vital, so make sure you’re fuelling yourself with a healthy mixture of nutrients from the five core food groups!


With dry January another mainstay on that New Year’s resolution hitlist for many, we recommend using those extra few hours saved away from a boozy night on the town to catch up on some shut eye. Rest and recovery are incredibly important to anyone looking to continually progress. Shy away from the temptation to swap binge drinking for binge Netflix viewing into the early hours and get yourself plenty of sleep instead.


Tight and tired muscles? There is always something you can do to combat this! We recommend engaging in a structured stretching routine throughout your fitness week. Supplement that with some self-massage work with that trusty foam roller to further breakdown and loosen up those tight muscles – you’ll be trailblazing your way to victory.