Tory anger at bin plan

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PLANS to introduce fortnightly bin collections in Wigan have been blasted by Conservatives.

The changes will come in from autumn next year to save cash and boost recycling.

But chairman of Wigan Conservative Federation Michael Winstanley says that the decision taken by Wigan’s ruling Labour Cabinet shows that they are “no longer in the business of providing basic public services.”

He said: “It is interesting why this decision was not taken in March when the Budget was being set. The reason why it was not announced then was because we were in the lead up to Local Elections.

“This is political opportunism from the Labour Council in Wigan. In fact at the local elections they didn’t want their record to be talked about they were more interested in national issues for the first time in 13 years.”

Mr Winstanley predicted that the decision would lead to more fly-tipping and would be unhygienic and unpleasant for householders across Wigan.

He said to expect residents to use slop buckets was “outrageous” and it was ironic that prisoners would soon be getting better treatment than council tax payers.

The former councillor is also angry about the lack of public consultation over what was always going to be a controversial issue.”

The council declined to respond to Mr Winstanley’s claims. But in a statement on the website they say that the changes have been prompted in part by the council’s ongoing need to make cuts of £66m to its budgets over the next four years because of Government cuts.

But council chiefs say the move will also encourage more recycling, produce less waste and reduce the amount of rubbish that the borough sends to landfill.

Under the new system black bins will be emptied one week, while food and garden waste would be emptied the next.

The council will also increase the range of recycling services on offer to householders. Green bins will be collected fortnightly and take green waste and food waste.