Total Fitness won’t close

Total Fitness on Warrington Road, Goose Green
Total Fitness on Warrington Road, Goose Green
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ONE of the town’s biggest health clubs has moved to deny rumours it is to shut its doors.

Total Fitness, which has a gym in Marus Bridge, says that despite other closures, its Wigan branch is very much safe.

The company has been forced to shut some clubs in recent months including Wrexham and, most recently, Warrington. Fears that their Wigan gym could be next in line for the chop have been averted though.

A spokeswoman said: “Unfortunately rumours do sometimes do the rounds.

“We have had to recently close the gym in Warrington but there are absolutely no plans to close our Wigan club whatsoever.”

Reports in Warrington say it is not yet clear why the gym has been suddenly shut down, although in a statement officials said the building has been sold by the landlord.

In their statement, the company also advised those members at the Warrington gym that their nearest club to join is the Wigan one.

But the Warrington closure has led to Wigan-based DW Sports Fitness see an increase in membership at its gym there as well as Wrexham.