Town bids for £2m facelift jackpot

Shopping in Tyldesley
Shopping in Tyldesley

A COMMUNITY group is launching an ambitious bid for up to £2m of Lottery cash to transform a town centre in the borough.

The Tyldesley Town Partnership (TTP) is putting together an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for money to refurbish shops and improve the open spaces across the town centre.

The partnership hopes to fund projects including putting up new shop frontages, renovating some of Tyldesley’s most significant buildings and improving areas such as car parks. The bid will be submitted to the HLF in September with a decision expected around three months later.

TTP chair Ian Jackson said: “We are on the brink of a really exciting new future for Tyldesley. We are dependent on success with bids for funding but we have made excellent progress thus far and are optimistic for the bids and for the future of our town centre. We need to get the positive views of residents, shoppers and businesses to emphasise the support we have for our proposals and will welcome views on ways forward.”

The HLF has already visited Tyldesley with an officer indicating it is potentially eligible for Townscape Heritage money.

The TTP bid has been strengthened by the appointment of former Wigan Council regeneration ace Peter Rowlinson, a Tydlesley residents himself who previously worked on a successful Townscape Heritage Initiative bid when he worked for Rochdale Council, as a volunteer consultant and advisor.

The partnership hopes applying for the Townscape Heritage Initiative will make Tyldesley smarter and attract extra investment, so boosting local businesses which have suffered through guided busway construction work.

The bid is supported by Wigan Council and Tyldesley ward councillors. To find out more, visit