Townsfolk are ship shape

Trencherfield Mill with the new rotating 'lighthouse' lights effect somewhat enhanced by computer
Trencherfield Mill with the new rotating 'lighthouse' lights effect somewhat enhanced by computer
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WIGANERS have been left scratching their heads at the sight of a huge ‘lighthouse’ in the centre of town.

And even though it isn’t guiding ships to safety from smashing into rocks, it is lighting up the lives of the tenants and residents of Trencherfield Mill.

As the countdown to Christmas continues, staff at the Mill, which now houses plush apartments and office space, have added to the neon light strips that surround the top of the building by recreating a ‘lighthouse’ effect in the huge tower.

Made by using a disco ball with a strategically butchered bin placed on top, the lighthouse comes on at around 8pm every evening for several hours.

It is visible not just in Wigan town centre and around the Mill itself, but for miles around.

And the light, which slowly revolves at the top of the mill tower, is a hit with not just the people who live in the Mill complex but also folk from across the borough.

One Trencherfield Mill tenant said: “It’s quite a sight - my little boys love it. It’s a cool effect and a big talking point amongst the residents.

“What with the lights around the top of the building and the magnificent steam engine, the mill is a credit to Wigan,

“And of course now we’re safe from any passing ships that may have got lost and veered onto the Leeds to Liverpool Canal!”

One worker at the Mill, who didn’t wish to be named, was also impressed by the lighting effect.

He added: “It’s good, isn’t it?

“We just wondered what we could do up there to add to the lights.

“It’s just a bit of fun but has provoked quite a reaction from people who have spotted it.

“We’ve not had any negative comments and it isn’t so bright as to be distracting.

“It all adds to the ambiance of the complex. It really is a fun place to live - it’s practically in the centre of the town and people love it here.”