Call to catch red light jumpers at busy Wigan junction

Florence and Michael Farrow
Florence and Michael Farrow

A couple say they have nearly been run over several times at a notorious Wigan junction.

Michael and Florence Farrow described how they have been “paces from being mown down” by impatient drivers jumping red lights at Standish crossroads.

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After six years of witnessing dangerous manoeuvres, they are calling for cameras to be installed to catch the lawbreakers and they have the backing of local councillor George Fairhurst.

Mr Farrow said: “We were crossing with the green man showing when a vehicle came zooming around the corner from Preston Road, doing an illegal turn - and it never even stopped.

“This same thing has happened to us about four times now. The latest occurrence was just the other week. Back in 2013 my wife and I were paces away from being mown down. Again, with the green man showing, a huge van came hurtling around the corner directly at us while we were in the middle of the road.

“There is a valid case of having a camera at this junction, as it would at least provide a vehicle registration in an event of an injury, which at this point seems inevitable. I am sure we are not the only people who have been hit or nearly hit.”

Motorists have also been accused of ignoring “no left turn” signs coming to the junction from Market Street and Preston Road.

The couple have since taken their complaints to Coun Fairhurst, who has met with Transport for Greater Manchester representatives to discuss the possibility of fitting a red light camera there.