Call to curb speeding drivers after accidents on Wigan road

Golborne Road has long had issues with motorists exceeding the speed limit
Golborne Road has long had issues with motorists exceeding the speed limit

Residents on an accident-plagued stretch of road are calling for further drastic action to be taken to slow down drivers - despite the recent introduction of new safety measures.

The latest calls to put the brakes on motorists along a section of Golborne Road in Ashton comes after another incident in which a bus stop was damaged.

The damaged bus stop

The damaged bus stop

Thankfully no-one was standing at the roadside waiting for public transport when the collision took place, but neighbours say that is more by luck than design.

And the crash happened after Wigan Council had started putting measures in place following discussions between councillors and civil servants, including installing yellow warning signs.

The road is also being resurfaced to make it more skid-resistant, while other plans previously drawn up include cutting back shrubbery and a defunct vehicle activation sign either being replaced or repaired.

However, the most recent smash has led worried residents living close to the junctions with Edge Green Road and Edge Green Lane to say that the measures taken so far are insufficient.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “They’ve started resurfacing the road but it seems some motorists are now going even faster than before.

“The incident at the bus stop happened about nine o’clock on a Saturday morning.

“I’m at that bus stop at about that time three days a week and when I’m going towards Leigh now I wait right back outside the houses.

“We’ve been told we’re having barriers put in front of our houses on the grass verge but we think they could do with being put the full length of the verge in front of the full row of houses.

“Really, though, we all think a speed camera is needed.

“The yellow signs haven’t done anything at all.

“However, we’ve been told there might have to be fatalities before that.

“Why should we have to wait for somebody to get killed before anything is done about it?”

Guidelines for fixed speed camera sites indicate there should have been at least three people killed or seriously injured in collision in the previous three years for installation to take place.

These rules are set down by the Department for Transport.

A Wigan Council spokesperson also said Golborne Road did not meet the speed survey criteria.

Research should show that the 85th percentile speed along the road is above or at the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) enforcement threshold.

For Golborne Road that threshold would be 46mph, but the most recent automatic traffic count there in November 2017 showed the 85th percentile speed to be 41.5mph.

However, the local authority said three hazard marker posts are being installed outside the homes to highlight the verge to drivers, which it is hoped will improve road safety.

These measures follow discussions in August after alarming incidents in which cars were out of control and caused damage to properties along Golborne Road.