Commuters stranded in Wigan after being 'kicked off' overcrowded rush hour train

Passengers were asked to leave the train due to overcrowding
Passengers were asked to leave the train due to overcrowding

Furious commuters have blasted a regional train company calling their service “dangerous and disgusting” after passengers were asked to get off before being stranded at Wigan train station.

Northern has come under fire once more from exasperated travellers after the rush hour train service on Tuesday morning pulled up to Wallgate Station with just two carriages.

Complaints have been made to the beleaguered company after commuters were asked to leave the Southport to Manchester train at Wigan if they were travelling to Hindley, or Atherton.

Due to unsafe conditions, with hundreds of people crammed into the two available carriages, control made the decision not to stop at three destinations on the way to the city centre.

Those heading to these destinations were asked to disembark the train, forcing them to make their own way there.

Jason Ryding, a passenger on the Northern service from Wigan to Manchester, said that he felt “unsafe”.

We had to get on this train, which was already really cramped, and pile up through the corridors.

“I’ve been on that train when it’s that full and stops at Hindley and Atherton and it does cause friction.

“This has gone on for a long time and it’s always the same excuses about how new carriages are coming or how there is unplanned maintenance.

“It’s just not safe for passengers and it’s really uncomfortable.”

People took to Twitter revealing shocking images from the packed-out train.

Daniel Whittle, who was on the 7.25am service on Tuesday, said: “Quite frankly it was dangerous and disgusting. £11 I paid to be wedged in the doorway against the driver’s cab.”

Speaking to the Post, Jason added: “The guard had to try to squeeze his way through all of the crowds.

“I dread to think what would happen if someone had a medical incident or even a panic attack.”

As a Wigan commuter, Jason said that many residents are faced with “conundrum” of whether to drive to work - facing backups along the motorways or brave the conditions on the trains.

A spokesman for Northern said: “We are extremely sorry that our customers faced disruption and discomfort during their journey between Southport and Manchester.

“Due to a shortage of available carriages we had to reduce the number of carriages used on this service which, unfortunately, resulted in overcrowding on the train.

“Customers whose journeys were delayed by 15 minutes or more are entitled to claim compensation.

“Later this year we will deliver more than £600m of investment including 98 new trains that will include air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and at seat power sockets for customers. By the end of 2019 we will also retire our Pacers.”