Cooking warning after flat left smoke-logged

Firefighters are urging residents not to leave food unattended while cooking after a kitchen incident left a flat smoke-logged.
Fire serviceFire service
Fire service

Crews were called to a flat on Ormskirk Road at about 2am on Sunday.

They found a burger had been left in a frying pan on a hob, causing considerable smoke damage to the flat.

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The occupant was discovered asleep in the property, clearly under the influence of alcohol.

The firefighters used a large fan to clear the smoke from the property.

No other damage was caused and the occupant was unhurt. The crews were at the scene for around 20 minutes.

However, the incident has now prompted a safety reminder to Wiganers from the fire service.

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Watch manager Isaac Olurankinse said: "Fortunately the smoke alarm has gone off and that has enabled the emergency services to be alerted. This also could have been more severe if he had used oil in the pan.

"If you're going to cook late at night do not leave food unattended and definitely do not cook if you have been drinking."

Further safety advice is available on the fire service's website at