'Like an ice cream van?': Here are the funniest social media reactions to the EU's electric car noise plans

If you could choose a custom sound for your car, what would it be?
If you could choose a custom sound for your car, what would it be?

News of EU plans for all electric cars to be easily heard has caused quite the reaction online.

To avoid accidents on the road, due to the quiet nature of these vehicles, the EU has ruled that all electric cars must be fitted with a noise emitting device.

It is hoped that the law will provide safety to cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers.

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Here are some of the best reactions from social media:

"Can we choose the noise that they make? We could have personalised car tones, a bit like a ringtone... I'd like to have my own theme tune like a superhero." - Stella Sansom Harper PT, Facebook.

"Like an ice cream van?" - Chrissie Downey, Facebook.

"Stealth mode enabled." - Darren Whiteside, Facebook.

"Jaws music." - Steven Bod Taylor, Facebook.

"So should cyclists then." - Colin Edwards, Facebook.

"Electric cars need to be noisy so that I can hear climate change and asthma approaching." - Glenn Entwistle, Facebook.

"Bicycles need an engine noise too then?" - Theresa Barber, Facebook.

"My neighbour has one and has nearly run me over twice! Come to think of it, it might have been deliberate!" Stephen McCloskey, Facebook.