These are the craziest things spotted on the M6, M55, M60, M62, and M65 by drivers

Shocked motorists have witnessed these on the M6, M55, M60, M62, and M65 recently.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 12:07 pm
Updated Monday, 24th June 2019, 1:07 pm
Tractor on the M6.

From farmers chasing cattle across both carriageways, to a man on a mobility scooter, here's a roundup of the oddest things commuters have had to put up with on Lancashire's motorways.

Highways England said: "Recieving multiple reports of a cow moooooving about very close to the carriageway...Luckily, at this stage it's on the udder side of the barrier."
North West Motorway Police said: "the Polish male explained that he didn't realise he couldn't use the motorway to cycle on!"

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Northwest Motorway Police: "Ewe'll be happy to know that all the sheep are now back in the field..."
Lancs Road Police: "This fella was happy to pose for a photo as he wanted to remind people that you should only enter the motorway network in a suitable vehicle."
Northwest Motorway Police: "The M60 is at a standstill. Horses are slowly being corralled..."
North West Motorway Police: "Taking a report of "Joggers" on the hard shoulder!"
The slow-moving tractor was spotted lurching along the northbound M6, near junction 31 in Preston, during the morning's rush hour.
Highways England: "We have police and farmer trying to sort out the problem"
North West Motorway Police: "A female is walking on the hard shoulder - No shoes. We have just watched her cross the main carriageway. Far too dangerous."