Wigan tot badly scratched by overgrown bush

A Wigan mum has hit out at the dangers of overgrown bushes intruding on to pavements after her young son was badly scratched.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 10:41 am
Updated Monday, 23rd April 2018, 10:46 am
Young Dylan
Young Dylan

Laura Derbyshire spoke out after two-year-old Dylan was left with deep red marks all across his face, narrowly missing one of his eyes, after coming into contact with protruding branches in Marsh Green.

The incident happened as Dylan was walking with his auntie Karen Gibson on Harrow Road close to the junction with Hunter Road.

Fortunately Dylan was patched up at home and did not require further medical treatment but concerned mum Laura wants residents to be aware not trimming vegetation regularly can be dangerous for pedestrians.

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The protruding bushes on Harrow Road

Laura, 35, said: “On the corner of that road it’s just got very overgrown and now the bushes have taken over half the path.

“They were just walking home from Dylan visiting his nanna.

“The two of them couldn’t both stay on the path so my auntie walked on the road and let Dylan go along the path because there are cars.

“He just turned round and started crying. She saw all the blood on his face from the scratches.

The protruding bushes on Harrow Road

“He was really upset. One of the scratches was a centimetre or two above his eyeball. I couldn’t help thinking if it had been a bit lower how bad it might have been.

“Dylan was fine in himself after a bit and my auntie was able to sort it out at home but you shouldn’t be getting injured like that just walking on a path.

“I just want that area making safe for children and pensioners who have to decide between staying on the path and stepping onto the road.”

Laura said she thought the grassed area was maintained by workmen but the bushes had not been pruned for some time. Wigan Council said it was certain the area was not its responsibility.