Traffic slow down call over danger speed road

Coupland Road, Hindley Green
Coupland Road, Hindley Green

RESIDENTS fear an accident tragedy on their road as they accuse drivers of using it “like a race track.”

Locals were so concerned about speeding on Coupland Road, Hindley Green, that they enlisted the help of police to monitor it.

Officers performed a seven-day speed survey and found that 30.5 per cent of drivers were travelling over the 35mph and a large number of them were touching 40.

The location will now be turned into a community concern site - a mobile speed enforcement area which has been requested by residents.

The road may not have a collision history, but many argue that enforcement is necessary - before it is too late.

Ward councillor Bob Brierley said: “People use Coupland Road as a race track. It was designed as a wide road for large vehicles to park up and still allow space for cars to go down.

“But there is a large amount of traffic from Swan Lane, plus from residents living nearby. It is a long stretch of road and people speed along it and youngsters on BMX bikes use it as an off-road track.

“I feel really happy that the police are doing something about it.”

Chief inspector for traffic at Greater Manchester Police, Rachel Buckle, said: “A community concern site is one where collision statistics don’t identify a problem with speed, however, residents have still raised concerns about the speed of the vehicles.

“A metronet counter is installed and it counts the traffic speeds typically over a week to 10 days.

“If the recorded speeds are routinely above the limit, the TPCSOs (traffic PCSOs) will undertake speed enforcement work in an effort to resolve the problem.

“Particularly high average speeds can be referred to the local authority for traffic calming measures to be considered.”

A spokesman for Wigan Council said that as Coupland Road is the main access to the industrial estate it would not be included within the 20mph schemes to be introduced on residential roads.

He added that physical traffic calming would not be suitable, because of the noise caused by heavy goods vehicles travelling over road humps.

Mark Tilley, Head of Infrastructure, Wigan Council, said: “A number of factors are used when assessing areas for the introduction of traditional traffic calming measures such as road humps.

“These factors include the occurrence of road traffic accidents, traffic flows and vehicle speeds, housing density and the existence of schools and other pedestrian generators.

“Coupland Road has been assessed using the criteria above and the criteria is not met.

“An effective alternative traffic calming tool that has been used in other areas of the borough and which is recommended on Coupland Road is a vehicle activated sign (VAS).

“These signs can either flash the speed vehicles are travelling at, or flash messages such as ‘30 slow down’.”