Tragic dad was on drugs at nine

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News story

A DAD who had been taking drugs since he was aged just nine died from a toxic cocktail of substances, an inquest heard.

Shaun Ellison of Avon Road, Norley, was found dead at his friend’s house on Greenhey, Kitt Green, after taking a lethal mix of amphetamines, cocaine, morphine, diazepam, tramadol and heroin.

I’m terribly sorry to the family

Assistant deputy coroner Alison Hewitt

Bolton Coroner’s Court heard the sad tale of the 34-year-old who had been in an on-off relationship with partner Lisa for a number of years. With her, he had fathered three children, but within the final few months of his life lived between his family home and at his mother’s, Anne Stewart, due to a breakdown in the relationship.

In the early hours of November 6, Shaun had visited his mum at her work to ask her for cigarettes.

Mrs Stewart said: “I noticed blood on his T-shirt and he said he had been in a fight, but he looked fine. He said he could come home for dinner later that day, he said ‘see you tomorrow mum, love you’, and that was it. That was the last time I saw him.”

The court was told that after that, Shaun went to his friend Darren Banks’s house. In a statement read to the court, Mr Banks said Shaun came to his house with heroin and two syringes. Mr Banks injected himself and sat on the sofa. Shaun offered him morphine pills but he refused them then fell asleep.

When he awoke, he said he found Shaun on the floor, his lips blue and couldn’t be woken. Mr Banks ran to a neighbours, they returned and checked his pulse and tried to give him the kiss of life but to no avail. Emergency services were called but Shaun was pronounced dead at the scene.

The court heard Shaun had been taking intravenous drugs since the age of only nine. He had been in and out of prison due for numerous thefts and had been regularly treated over the years by Wigan and Leigh’s Drug and Alcohol Team.

On several occasions he had overdosed, only to be saved by family and friends, most recently four weeks prior to his death, when his mum saved him. Mrs Stewart also spoke of another incident where two of his children were staying with him at her house and she found him, with a needle by his side slumped in the bath.

Mrs Stewart said: “I told him drugs were dangerous and who he was upsetting, his family, his children, everyone who loves him. He wouldn’t listen to me.”

Recording a verdict of a drug-related death, assistant deputy coroner Alison Hewitt said: “I’m terribly sorry to the family. It must have been difficult having to watch that happen to your son over the years and to lose him to drugs. You obviously tried to help him and assist him as best as you could.”